Pocket Protector Mask!
or P.P.M.

This face covering cloth mask requires no sewing and is based on our proprietary design. It's durable, easy to clean and can be made at home as a kid's project. It's inexpensive to make using thrift and dollar store materials.
This form of personal protection is increasingly being required while in public spaces by state and local governments to help protect from Covid-19. We will provide a detailed construction manual with pictures of the build process and part sources.

This is not a medical mask like a N-95 (save those for the medical community that needs them). It does meet all of the requirements of a personal cloth mask including dual and optional three filter layers, made from a dense weave cotton cloth and includes a nose forming micro metal adjustable securing wire.
This mask helps prevent contamination between individuals practising physical distancing and is designed to help stop the Covid-19 virus from spreading to nearby family and friends, by already compromised people.

If bulk or commercial manufacturing of this, or any other mask we design occurs, we reserve the right of compensation for the design and for each mask produced over a threshold. Otherwise, making masks for your family is encouraged and no compensation is required.
However, A Donation to help us navigate though these troubled waters would be appreciated. Like any business, we are simply trying to stay solvent during this economic ice age. Contact us if you would like to help.

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newWe are still working on the final product. It's been hard to find open space on the workbench amongst all the solenoid coils and other coin op parts we are resurrecting here at Pinball Medic. Not even a pandemic stops our work on other projects.
We have said for months we would post the construction instuctions for this versatile mask. All we can currently say is "we are working on this project as fast as spacetime permits".
It appears everything will not be ready til early November. Tragically, a good protective mask will still be needed for more then a year to come.

Mask Making
All parts were bought from a dollar store, thrift shop, hobby crafts and tool supply shops.

We prefer a light denim cloth made from 100 percent cotton. Denim is a good virus filter medium and is durable with a tight weave.
Cotten naturally kills viruses. This is the reason a Covid 19 test can't use a cotton swab and must use a man made systhic materal to collect the virus from the nose. It lives deep in the nasial passages. This is why they must push the swab deep into your nose.

Cotton — a breathable, non-synthetic fabric can help keep things dry, ventilated and more hygienic.

Alternative man made fibers (most bandanas are made of chemical derived threads) would theoretically work. They portentously Don't offer the same level of protection and can be flammable when exposed to a heat source.
Cotton is used in oven mitts and can be quite good at handling high heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Unless in Texas, a face will never get this hot.

This mask has been designed to be easy to build, to find source parts for and afford. Built on a shoe string budget. So much so that one of its parts is a shoe lace!
Multiple masks can be made from the main ingredient, the denim. This makes it more economical then buying a mask from a dealer.

Mask making is a great way to keep kids occupied and should help protect others from nearby virus sources.
Don't let them play with scissors or a hot glue gun. Adult supervision is mandatory when making this mask.

Do not ask us to make a mask for you. We don't have the means to do this without volunteers, a work space and time off from our arcade game repair and sells business.

Advertisers, GIVE away cloth masks with a logo, some helpful information, a cool image or all of the above. Do this without management input (the ethical path). PAY for LOCAL out of work labor to make a base mask. Print or sew your message onto it. This advert will travel through neighborhoods, grocery stores and other public spaces.
People get masks to help protect others, the unemployed receive income and local businesses receive support. A win, win and another win!
Unexpectedly, some could be entertained with an imaginative design (use a design contest), another win. No N-95s are used, Yet another win.
There's really no way to get any more "Win-e-er".

Possible Mask Slogans:

Does Social Distraction work?- Just did!
I'm not Social so stay Distant! (use radiation fallout symbol or skull and crossbones as background).
If you are reading this, your too close! (in small lettering. This slogan is already on other marketed masks.)
BLM! We the people must do these things. Remove immunity from prosecution and the Unions who defend the despicable "BLUE" raciest. Pull money out (use it to improve social needs) and send the correct people into the proper situations. That's normally NOT the police.
Orange mask with the initials D. T. in BIG letters. Reveal on the chin D. T.= DeTox, Definite Traitor,
Dumb Turkey, Distractive Tantrums, Dump T
**mp! or all of the above.
or Orange mask with POTUS 'One N Done' on it. POTUS=Piece Of Turd, Unusually Stupid.
M.A.H.A. mask= Make America Healthy Again. (Disclaimer - we were never healthy).
GET BACK! At least two meters. Yes, we went metric, deal.


dinim panits jeansA pair of denim jeans or shorts from a thrift store or a nearby closet.

Everyone should have at least one spare pair of jeans. Do not use your last pair.

Local thrift stores need money to survive and to provide their services. Consider this source for this part.

Alternative uses for old masks and left over denim will be available soon.

In a dark room, insert a flashlight into the pocket to detect holes and tears. Don't use a pocket if you can see light though a single layer of cloth.

Doctors and nurses have their throw away masks sized every year to ensure proper fit.
The general public will not be able to size masks due to scarcity for months or longer. However, you can size the right pocket.

short dinims shortsThey need to have square shaped back pockets that are double stitched.
An acid or stoned washed pair will not work as the fibers have been damaged during the manufacturing process.
Front pockets usually use a thin white non-denim liner that renders them useless for masks. Don't use them.
Pick a pair that you Do not care to ever wear again or are too small to use. A holey pair will work as long as the pockets are intact. Finally, a use for bell bottom jeans.

Big kid sizes work for most people, but size the pockets before buying or destroying the jeans. The shoe laces can be shortened to adjust the fit. However, an adult sized mask for a small kid isn't usable. The ears will make the mask leak.
A pocket that covers most of the face is fine as long as it seals around the face including the nose and mouth. Smaller pockets that still seal are more comfortable to wear in hot weather for longer periods of time.

A hair tie or rubber band. Number varies with mask design.

They cost a Dollar for a pile of them at source A. Or get them for free at the bottom of public swimming pools. We have found handfuls usually at the shallow end of the pool.

Shoe laces.

One shoe lace from source A. Two, if alternative designs are used.

What are the ends of shoe laces called?
Click image for answer.

This mask is hanging on by a shoe string!

Half dozen per package. We prefer flat, but the round laces will also work and are easier to thread. Try fancy multicolored or woven shoe laces when you get experienced. Also, try our other mask designs when things get repetitive.

There are alternative two lace designs that use laces around the back of the neck. Or use the next ingredient instead.

We would like to see someone sew a mask using nothing but different colored shoe laces. Show us your sewing skills!

pipe cleanersThese "cure" pipes can substitute for the shoe laces and there are 45 per package ($1/package at source A).
They are normally called pipe cleaners in the U.S.
We use them to help secure around the nose and to pull the lace through the mask.

We were so tempted to buy the glitter coated ones to add bling and to make a Liberace style mask. Kids might like this look. Both versions are at source A.

hot glue gun Hot glue gun or Cloth Glue.
Or Do THIS Do.
The hot glue gun is faster but not as safe to handle as cloth glue. If your making multiple masks, hot glue is the best method.

Use caution: the hot glue sticks normal temperature will burn skin. High heat glue sticks are even more so.

Who doesn't like purple glue that dries clear? This glue is non-toxic and is washable. Although its indicated it will come loose if soaked in water.
We are still testing this possible issue. Use hot glue if you have this at home.
Use the tiny clips to hold the cloth while the glue hardens.

Source C has a high heat glue gun for $21 plus tax.
Glue sticks are $8 for fifty sticks at source C. Cheaper glue guns can be had at hobby stores, source D or from the Internet.

The cloth glue is located at source A.

scissorOnly a good industrial quality scissors will cut denim. Source C carries an inexpensive pair that will cut most fabrics. It costs about $6. However, not every town has this store. This is were a web search will come in handy. Look for local cloth shops too.
A professional pair will always be a good investment even if you don't make very many masks.

pantyhosePanty-hose - This is an optional part.
Note: This optional part will increase the mask's chances of burning when exposed to open flame.

Nerdy Note: Airline stewardess where required to wear panty hose until server burns resulted from plane crashes or onboard fires. Nylon will melt into the skin if hot enough.

Buy queen size (the largest size).
*Note: Adding a layer of panty hose can increase the efficacy of a cloth mask up to 50 percent.
It can turn a cloth mask into almost as good as a surgical mask. It can even improve a N-95 mask.
They can make the the mask more comfortable to use and increases mask usage intervals.

*According to studies that were tasked with finding household materials to improve air filtration during nuclear fall-out, it can help filter out viruses too.
clothes pins bagOptional bag of small cloths pins from our favorite dollar store source A.
Helps when gluing cloth together.

Part Sources
Source Name Description
A = Dollar Tree
Everything costs a Dollar.
Almost a one stop shopping place for mask parts.
Supplies: Glue, Shoe laces, pipe cleaners. Almost every part of the mask.
Other Five and Dime stores should have the same parts, but at a higher profit.
B = Thrift or other used clothing shop.Salvation Army, Church donation shops, Goodwill if desperate. Closet or close drawer.
C = Harbor Freight

Supplies:HOT Glue Gun, glue sticks, scissors.
Another good source for these parts is a cloth shop. Everything will be more expensive, but provides the best scissors. There is a cheaper glue gun and sticks at source D.

D=WalmartA source of very cheap parts, glue gun and sticks.

Do's and Donuts

Do hand wash this mask every time it is used!
There is finally a use for the clothes line in the back yard.

Don't use a washing machine or a cloths dryer. The mask will come apart.

Do use soap and water. Soak the PPE mask in a bowl for fifteen minutes.
Weight down the mask with your favorite pet rock to ensure everything is submerged.

Don't use a perfumed soap to clean a mask unless you really like it and can handle the potential lung damage caused by aromatic hydrocarbons.
Best to use a plant based soap free from phosphors, dyes and perfumes as this mask could be used for hours at a time. They are also better for the environment and skin.

Do use liquid hand soap in a bowl of water. Powered soap will not work.
Dish washer soap is too strong and will damage the mask.

Don't use bleach or alcohol to wash a mask. Strong bleach will damage cloth fibers, stain the mask and burn lungs and skin if not thoroughly rinsed off.
90 percent Alcohol should be saved for other purposes like hand sanitizer. Soap will naturally destroy this virus.

Do be careful not to use excessive stretching to place a mask on a face. The glue can come loose. This is easy to repair.

Don't make just one mask. You will need many of them throughout the day. They are both small budgeted and fun to make.

Do glue the pocket closed. It's a good idea to not put anything in the pocket (other then panty house option) and to glue/sew it closed. This will insure at least two layers are used for filtration.

Don't use a pocket full of posies.
This is one of the superstitious ways used by people in the Middle Ages to fend off the Black plague was to stuff their pockets with posies (flowers).

Do wear a cloth mask whenever you go out or even at home.
Most places mandate their use.

Don't sleep in this or most other masks other then a "PAP" machine mask. The Pocket Protector Mask is not designed for this purpose.

Do share extra clean masks!

Don't horde. Everyone needs at least one cloth mask.

Do shave often.

Note: Governments will not issue gas masks to someone with face hire or stubble due to the leaks this will cause.


Don't have a beard or mustache. They render all masks almost ineffective as air leaks around them spreading Corona virus.
We've seen this countless times in grocery stores. The cashier is wearing a cloth mask with a full beard.
Why offer a mask to someone if a beard will render it useless? Do they care about their employee's safety?

friendsDo safely go vote to lessen the effects of this pandemic and destruction of life.
Help save whatever remains of Earth after the radical right's current time in power.

It's going to take generations to recover from Orangey's one term in office. The U.S. will not be a country after two terms.

Being a politician is a privilege, not a career. Support term limits by voting radicals out
(this assumes there is a good moderate replacement, if not, maybe just hold your nose and vote Democratic?).

no more GOP

Don't vote for the radicalized right.
They're actrually wrong!
Being experienced at corruption and not representative of the majority of Americans are not good reasons to stay in Congress.

Unalienable Rights of Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness and government duties of Public Trust, Justice and doing Public Good are similarly foreign concepts to radical politicians.
We all know how much they hate anything or anyone foreign.
No one is native to the U.S. other then native Americans.
It's the melting pot that makes us strong.

Do sew instead of glue.
Sewing should be an innate skill. It's so practical.

Don't feel inferer if you can't sew. Sewing makes this mask more durable, but isn't nessary for daily use. We designed it so everyone could easily build the P.P.M.

Do support your local retailers when buying materials for this mask.
Salvation Army is a great business to support. They truly do the most good and should have jeans.

Don't rely on internet part orders for everything. Get some fresh air and vitamin D instead (if not completely locked down). This will help you pick out the appropriate jeans and pockets.
Remember to stay physically distant and wear a Pocket Protector mask.

Do be SAFE and follow these confusing queasy transcendental oxymorons.

Social Distancing (Should have been physical distancing.)
Be alone, stay together (From public radio, KUT).

Don't judge us by the many lame attempts at humor or the constitutionally protected commentary on this and other pages we post. We have been making masks and using glue in a confined space all day.

The following is fake news. However, they all share the same style as reality.

Be elsewhere by standing still. Become invisible while being seen.
"Trust honest propaganda" (A BBC radio anchor said this on 4/24/2020. Honest propaganda does not exist. ). There is a vast gap between propaganda and reality.

Covid-19 Safety Tips

cotton swabsUse cotton Q-Tips covered with Aluminum foil to press on touch screens and to activate the buttons while entering PIN numbers during grocery checkout.
Check-out machines are a good virus source. They are not cleaned in between checkouts. Toss the Q-Tip away before you leave the store.

Wash your protective gloves in a clothes washer and reuse them. Air dry, don't use the dryer. They are hard to find and can be reused many times. While source C had boxes of them. They no longer sell them. Source A has nylon gloves that should work. They also have $1 cans of tuna made by a major name brand. Stock up on both.

CDC recommends (very timidly) people wear masks in public settings, events, gatherings and anywhere around other people. Masks may help prevent people who have COVID-19 from spreading the virus to others.
Masks are most likely to reduce the spread of COVID-19 when they are widely used by people in public settings.
Masks should NOT be worn by children under the age of 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.
Masks with exhalation valves or vents should NOT be worn to help prevent the person wearing the mask from spreading COVID-19 to others (source control).

Hong Kong study of China Covid-19 spread potentials.

Japan's study
of indoor VS. outdoor spread.
Both of these studies are PDF files.

Social Distancing is NOT enough in indoor public spaces. In one study of 7,324 documented cases in China, only one outbreak occurred outside. The risk of infection indoors is almost 19 times higher than in open-air environments, according to a study in Japan.
The Sun's ultraviolet rays (UV C rays are the best at killing viruses and cause the most eye damage) can kill the Covid-19 virus in minutes outside while it can survive for hours on public indoor surfaces.
Cloth masks don't offer much protection while you are eating. In fact, taking them off and on during dinning can greatly increase your chances of infection. A cloth mask helps protect people around the person wearing it, decreasing the virus spread.

Note: Where you sit in a restaurant, at work or recreate has a great effect on infection rates with COVID-19. It depends on air conditioning to fresh air mixture ratios and air flow rates. If you work in a dead air space, contamination should be a concern. The water droplets that transmit viruses will stay in the air for longer periods of time. A single sneeze can spread this virus over 40 feet in a calm, no air flow area!
Many restaurants, bars and other public spaces were not designed to keep viruses from spreading (even if they use a good air filter). They don't have the correct airflow and environment to reduce spreading viruses or bacteria.

beanbagbeadsWant to experiment with how viruses spread? Give an unopened bag of this bean bag (remember those?) stuffing material (Source A) to your youngest child (assuming they are over 10). Give them no instructions other then don't eat this. This will demonstrate how a virus spreads.

Caution: These tiny electrostatic balls cannot be removed from any surface, including carpet, cloth, hands, floors and hair.
 More tips to come. 
Interesting Information

Wearing a cloth mask (with even a 50% water droplet blocking rate) all of the time and adding lock down conditions will stop the spread of this virus and lower the infection rate (r in the formula) below 1. Anything below 1.0 will eventually stop the spread of this virus. Source

However, using a mask for too long can cause Maskne

Using only a mask with out a lock down reduces r to 1. This will let the virus pool stay steady state for an eternity.

According to this source wearing a mask helps protect the wearer too.
We believe any form of mask will lower the amount of virus entering the body of the wearer.
A mask's main ability still lies with preventing the cloud of water vapor caused by coughing and sneezing from traveling across a room and infecting nearby people. A cloth mask will not seal to the face during an overpressure event like a cough provides. It simply lowers the level of virus infected water vapor.
However, a three layer cloth mask using panty hose as a interior layer can capture and therefor lessen the amount of virus the wearer is receiving. It's simply safer to wear a mask in any situation.

Think the government can't force you to wear a mask?
Then why can they enforce another non funded mandate like car insurance?
Both masks and car liability insurance have no value unless you use them. So go outside and use one of them today!
Masks and closing the economy is the only way to defeat this virus.

It's really not a difficult ask
I just want to have a creative mask!
Maybe one with a flag or my favorite saying
or vampire teeth —That Buffy is slaying!

Could be a dog or a kitten's nose
Or a giant squid eye –I'd love one of those!
A metal protrusion wouldn't be a bother
And I could go around saying –"Luke, I'm your father."
I could add flowers and frills glitter sparkes and lace
So many sweet options to put on my face!
The only bad choice would be none at all
So have the courage to cover —and let's kick this by fall!

Source - A Typewriter Rodeo poem. (7/3/20)
More Information is on this page

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