What could happen next with Covid-19 and our political future.
First Posted 5/15/20 Just before it really hits the fan!

There will be three waves in 2020 with little to distinguish the end of each wave and the start of the next other then a large increase in infections and unfortunately, deaths. Ventilators are still being made while the number of hospitalized people is briefly going down or stabilizing (in the first wave). Our government knows a second wave is inevitable!

(Updated 6/25/20) We are now in the second wave of this virus. We predicted this and it happened in the time frame we indicated. The large infected base left over from the first wave and new infections will overwhelm the health care system causing needless mass death in the second wave.

This paragraph was posted on 5/15/2020. The current wave that has mostly plateaued will merge into the second wave in four to six weeks. This prediction has now come true. See our Score Card section for more information.

The second wave will peak at least three times the size of the peak of the first and will last the whole summer. The death toll from the first two waves will approach half a million in the US alone. The States are currently experiencing increasing infection rates.
The second wave is now here and politicians will try to blame it on protests happing in the USA as protestors can't physically distance.
A major cause of the second wave well be the States opening of the economy in spite of the science. Science doesn't make for good elections for one political party. Nether does mailed in ballots. The more we vote, the more the Republican party will loose. They also don't believe in climate change, something that will kill most humans but will take decades to occur.
There is evidence the incubation period for Covid-19 is between two and three weeks with one to two percent of the compromised being infectious for 30 to 60 days. Staying isolated for only two weeks and false negatives on rapid result Covid tests should spread the virus quite effectively.
  See what should happen politically when the death toll spikes during the second wave.

The flu (another Corona virus) will merge with COVID-19. The flu virus kills on average 55,000 people (80k last year) in the U.S. each year and both viruses will add to the total death of the third wave (We added the two death tolls into the third wave. ). There are three different viruses in the flu vaccine this year. Please go get a flu shot immediately.

The third wave will start in the fall and be approximately two thirds the size of the second wave. This wave will not reach a peak till late in the winter. The total death toll of all three waves in the US will be near 850,000 for 2020.

(posted 7/1/2020) Note : Check HERE to find COVID-19 risk by state and county. Texas has at least 20 counties with a RED rating!

Texas now calls raging pandemic regions/cities "STRESS POINTS". They are "spinning" this to minimise the situation and maximise the public's confusion.

Analysis of COVID-19 and USA's political future.
Reaching a peak only means there is half of the wave remaining. Prepare for a long time of isolation extending into next year and perhaps into 2022 and beyond.
COVID-19 will be on earth forever. It will no longer be novel and will be a yearly occurrence like the flu virus. They are both Corona viruses and both may mutate every year.
NOTE: The name "corona virus" is derived from Latin corona, meaning crown or wreath. Crown describes the shape of proteins on the surface of the virus used to infect cells.

COVID-19 will vacation in the Southern hemisphere and will return to the Northern hemisphere in the Fall for years to come. The only way to destroy it is to give (for free) each human on Earth at lease one dose of an effective vaccine. This might take two or more doses to accomplish and be equivalent to billions of doses. The earliest date for having a candidate vaccine is at the end of 2020. There are at least 90 different possible vaccines being developed.
Even if there were a vaccine today, it will be 2023 (or 2025 if there is a second Orange POTUS term) before there will be enough of it to create a heard immunity in just the US.
The public will probably not know for sure if a vaccine will be effective for a long time after 2020. Without large vaccine trials there will be no way of knowing which version will be the best candidate.
Trials that include a placebo group are actually unethical, placebos can affect the results and kill people not getting a vaccine. It's better to test two or more vaccine candidates using multiple large groups and compare the results to each other and/or to a non vaccinated group.

Correction: (6/10/2020) Our suggestion was to go get a Tuberculosis (TB) vaccine. This vaccine in theory could help with COVID-19. However, it is mostly available in developing countries. It's hard to get here in the U.S..
A TB vaccine would be safer then anything the Orange Guy has ever recommended (He has no benefit from any evidence of treatment or knowledge of the virus. Again, why are we listening to a Village Idiot? His campaign's slogan should be "Double down on stupid!" or perhaps over time, it will change to "One and Done!).
Lets stay hopeful, however, even if this works as a vaccine or treatment, it will still be years before it will be widely available.

The only silver lining during this pandemic is it will delete the radical right from our political system, but only if rational people vote them out. They packed the judicial system and this will remain intact due to life long appointments (The Democrats stupidly let them do this!). Was this to protect their backsides? Maybe in-mass impeachments is the only path forward for the poor and middle class.
Governors and the Orange Guy are deciding who will die for political reasons. Opening stores will only help the owner of a large business and perhaps the 1 precentors who rent the space or own the business. Wages are so low and will arrive too late to help the employee feed their children and pay rent. This is potentially genocide by way of financial means testing. The only testing being done in mass.
Lets prohibit paying rent in this country for at least a year for gig, self employed, the poor and middle class. This will do the most public good and will be faster and more helpful then one time stimulus payments. We are currently still waiting on our $1200 stimulus check! It's so late that it will only pay for past debt and will not go for future needs.

Lock down and business closings will happen before the peak of the second wave hopefully saving thousands of lives, but not preventing the needless deaths of a large number of Americans including health care workers. All done for the election needs of a political party and the profits of the wealthy few. At the peak of the second wave, politicians should be impeached and thrown in the same jails they refuse to test for COVID 19. Charge them with treason and/or mass murder.
This ironically should make for a really entertaining election. Lets elect their replacements and a new POTUS. Make America Healthy Again!
Radical politicians must be held accountable for their actions (Opening the States too early and causing mass death) and lack of action (They knew this virus was spreading and did nothing to protect the public). They have had their time. We're on the edge of the abyss and their pushing us forward.

We follow the Rotting Ham Sandwich Doctrine. We would rather vote (no violence) for a rotten ham sandwich then for any Republican.
We don't know which is worst, the rotting sandwich meat or the political party, both have maggots eating at their dead cores.
This doctrine will continue until the very few radicals that remain move to the center of the political spectrum and they stop following the very definition of Fascism.
When Democrats (they have their own problems) are called "Liberal" by the other party, they should immediately respond by tagging the radical right as Fascist. No one should vote for a Fascist or they will be accused of empowering them. Don't go down that racist path or believe suppression of the opposition is the only way to win an election.

Definition of Fascism - A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, a capitalist economy subject to stringent governmental controls, violent suppression of the opposition, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.

How to lessen this crises.
What better time then now? Don't wait for a stimulus check or for the government to bail out your former employer. Do what scares big business the most, become self employed or an entrepreneur who invents new products, processes or improves existing products. You should at least educate yourself and develop a new skill. Skills (not toilet paper) are the new currency when things get apocalyptic.
If you become self employed, you still have an ass (donkey) for a boss. However, you know them really well and they can decide for yourself how to run the business.
While all "great" socialities of the past were built on the backs of the poor and the segregated races. No one should believe this is the only way. In fact, most people of any race or education level can do and create great things. They merely are never given the opportunity to start the endeavor.
We predict only small business will provide the only available jobs as large businesses will be crushed by their own weight or by their incompetent management. Not everyone can be a contact tracer, so expand your options and go down the lesser traveled path. Find something you actually want to do.

squirrel n treeB) Relax and take care of yourself - OK, this sounds selfish. However, developing distractions through out the day will go a long way to keeping sane. You did things as a kid that made you happy. Try them again. If they don't work, remember, boredom sparks the imagination.
Read a chapter in a book or better yet, write a chapter of your own book each day. We did this while writing what you're currently reading.
Option 2 - We often take the time to drive to a wooden area to open a windshield to the world. We eat our breakfast and look at all the birds, foxes, armadillos, deer, raccoons, possums and squirrels. This is the only time birds can be heard over the sounds of traffic. We also walk around the area.
Bring nothing but a powered off cell for emergencies. We have found this very relaxing, but do remember, it takes time to detox yourself from technology.

washandsC) Wash your hands! Sing Corona virus or Queen's original Bohemian Rhapsody and freak out your children. The original is one of the longest songs in history. This will break up the day for everyone. No one wants to hear the birthday song 100 times a day.

Soap is a lipid that breaks down DNA including virus RNA. The longer you take to wash your hands the better.

write your congressmanD) Write your congressman. Tell these angry white men you prefer they don't murder you with the COVID-19 virus. Just so their bunkered base can re-elect them. (We're joking! )

Actually, ask for universal base income so people can survive long past this pandemic. This would be cheaper and fairer then unemployment insurance. You could be some one that benefits from this idea in the near future.

vegsE) Develop a COVID garden in the backyard. If everyone in your area grows food, everyone will reap the benefits.

pinball and video games F) Buy yourself many full sized coin operated arcades and/or get the ones you own repaired.
Beat your old high score on a classic arcade! Work on your mad pinball skills. This will be the best "working" from home time you will ever spend!

Score Card, So Far: First posted 6-19-2020.
Unfortunately we are right. Welcome to the Second Wave! We predicted this wave and another one in the future.
Politicians are calling raging infection increases a "Spike" and not a new wave. This is a "Dam Lie" in our opinion.
(Three kinds: Lies, Dam Lies and Statistics - Mark Twain)
This virus takes a few weeks or months to spread to enough people to increase hospitalizations. A spike indicates a sharp increase and then a steep decrease happing in a short time. With Covide-19, a spike can't happen because infections, wave peak and recovery all take an expended period of time to occur. Spikes are now used as a political term to justify opening up a state without good science to justify the risk.
They are saying spikes are OK because we have hospital beds available. The number of beds is not a real justification to open a State too soon. People are going to die in a bed or without one. They could have not been subjected to risk at all.
How many will die because of the current majority political party? Or, how few will survive if there is a second term of our current POSTUS? This is madness.
It's getting scary! Please go vote and do what ever is necessary to stay healthy and safe that doesn't affect others trying to do the same.
Make yourself and family some cloth masks.

Interesting Information

Blood type differences with COVID-19:
Type A blood is showing to be the most dangerous blood type. It increases the likelihood of ventilation will be required when hospitalized.

Type O shows promise as an Covid-19 infection preventative. Although, it's not guaranteed protection and the effect isn't very pronounced.

COVID-19 uses a cell surface receptor known as ACE2. Children have lower levels of ACE2 gene expression than adults This may explain their lower risk of infection and mortality.

It's dangerous to have High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Kidney Disease, be at Retirement Age. Obesity or being "Calorically Gifted" is another virus attraction and it's too late to diet.

COVID-19 seems to like the above conditions. They all increase the symptoms of this virus and there is no real cure for any of them.

Do politics make people sick?
According to this article Yes it can. Republicans that voted for the current Orange guy infect 16% more people then whom voted for his female opponent. Don't make this same mistake again in the future.
OK, this was only one study so you should be a little skeptical. We just could not resist making the comparison.
(posted 7/23/2020)

The first few Covid vaccines may only keep someone from getting very sick and dying. They will not affect infection rates!
Due to the politically induced very restrictive time limit on vaccine development of any kind, the public may have to be satisfied in the short term with only an extreme event preventative instead of a vaccine that inoculates.
This event will be caused by political demands and not science. It simply takes a long time to develop an effective vaccine with the current level of scientific ability.
If something is non inoculative, it is not a vaccine. It should be lab led a treatment. Although the GOP will claim it as a vaccine that will enable some one to be immune to a virus. Antibodies don't last very long with this virus and therefore, in our opinion, should only be considered part of a treatment.
The first candidates will probably be synthetic antibodies used as a treatment for the very sickest. They will still be very useful and will save many lives. Although they will not stop this virus from spreading and hospitals from being overwhelmed.

Want to look at some raw Covid-19 data?
Here you go. It's only California data, but at least this State offers it to the public. They have virus spread forecasts too.

Texas could release their data on a public site too, but they are too embarrassed by the massive increase in hospitalizations and deaths due to opening the State way too early.

(posted 7/1/2020) OK, here is the risk data* for all states including Texas.

*Published by Harvard Global Health Institute and not by the State of Texas.

We predicted this second wave and told you what should happen.
It's time to impeach our Texas and other Republican governors whom opened the states too soon killing thousands of people. Give us a non Republican that believes in science!

Republicans seem to act like Ferengi. They put large business and religion above all human life. Even above the life of the mother Earth.

Wow! We just peeved a quarter of the population of this country. Luckily, we have free speech here. Although most Texas politicians don't think we should. We keep revealing their mistakes.

Antibody immunity may only last for months and may not actually provide an vaccine for SARS-CoV-2. Source
Only a vaccine that simulates a T cell reaction will last for an extended time and therefor can in our option be called a vaccine.
Although the Alt Right will call anything a vaccine to save face with their political base.

Warning: we will add more as time permits.
Edited or Moved Content
Moved Content Reason for Action
The second wave is already plaguing Asia. Moved to update information. The Covid-19 virus is now increasing world wide.
Here is some good news. Posted the same day we posted this prediction. Sorrento found a Corona virus antibody that blocks viral infection 100% in preclinical lab experiments. This is old news so it was removed from the body of the Analysis.

Grandma fortune tellerDisclaimer: This is a fortune teller version of future events. It's based on logical assumptions about the probability of multiple waves of this spreading virus and the US's recent health care preparation and execution disaster.
Most disease spread data has been either not collected or hid from the public including a real death toll. The current figure could be as much as 50 percent too low and way over 100K. (We don't test the living or the dead in America).
We couldn't use big data to predict the future spread or the results of future elections. We present future events that are logical, if not scientific. After all, we repair arcades and are not virologists.

We are wanting for everything in this prediction to be wrong. The death toll is way too high to imagine in this technological era. We are posting this to determine how close we can get to what does happen next. We will learn to make increasingly accurate predictions as the future progresses. After all, we are experts only because there are no requirements for be one!
Stay safe!

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