COVID-19's Future Predicted.
Our cloth P.P.M.

Our predictions of what may happen with the Covid-19 virus and our nation's politics is now online.
We are hoping only our political predictions come true. It's too tragic to conceive our pandemic predictions will be realized in the coming months. We based everything on logic and the high probability of occurrence in this current pandemic and political environment.
This is an experiment to see how close to reality we can predict using logic, the data collected from other sites and from free public news outlets.

The predictions and information presented should, at least in a small way, help people correctly prepare for what may happen next. If we are wrong, then no real harm has been done. Extra supplies (NO hoarding) can still be used. Keeping isolated for a longer time then our self interest government dictates will be safer for everyone.
We certainly can get things wrong. For example, we listened to NPR and recommended everyone get a TB vaccination when this is only a theory being tested (at least you might not get tuberculosis, that's a win.).

We are planning to change some information we present on our prediction page to help keep people better informed about recent events and discoveries. We will not be altering our predictions except for the time delays between each wave. There is simply no way to be vary exact without millions of dollars worth of research and computing assets. Even if we had these resources the data (death toll, infection and testing rates, etc.) is being hidden from the public.

Note: We have almost no computer assets. We are writing this on a Pentium laptop! Sad but true.

The design of our protective cloth mask is mostly complete. We are currently testing it for durability.
Our mask requires no sewing and is a fun project to do with your kids.
Information on this cloth mask should be posted sometime next month (8/2020). We are still testing and redesigning our masks.
Unfortunately, the second wave has already arrived in the U.S.. Just as we had predicted.